Child’s car seat installation, education and hire in the privacy and safety of home, work, car hire premises, your vacation accommodation, hospital or where ever you are staying.

Safety Passionate, Highly Trained and Fully Insured Technicians

Educating, directing parents through each and every aspect of correct child restraint installation, now and as your child grows. Our fully qualified and highly trained technicians will teach you everything there is to know about child car seat use and installation.


Convenient Professional and Highly Experienced Mobile Car Seat Installation across Perth CBD and  Metro. 

capsule & car seat hire

  Short, long term infant capsule and car seat hire for premature,  multiple births, insurance claims and holiday hire.

Cleans & installation

Cleaned correctly as per the manufacturers’ instructions, with no harsh chemicals and professionally installed.




Convertible Car Seats



(4 – 8 YEARS)

Harnessed Boosters







Taylor Pix

Amazing! most beautiful lady. helped me understand my seat better and how and what to do soth it. walked me through it all. drove away feeling babe was safe, secure and protected. will definitely use again if we have more babies.

Taylor Pix

Lauren Jordon Shelley

I had Ryan’s seat professionally checked and reinstalled this morning. 

Lots of little issues were rectified to make his seat safer and more comfortable now that he is 17 months old. He had been getting frustrated in the car but now that his seat is less reclined he can see out the window and still sleep comfortably #extendedrearfacingwin 

The service was great and all of my questions were answered.
Ryan fell straight to sleep on the way home so he is one happy customer.


Emma Blacklock

The service Kelly from Child Restraint Installations Australia has provided us has been friendly, courteous and professional. She installed our seat before the arrival of our baby and checked that everything was still set up correctly, and that we knew how to secure baby, after his arrival. Today, I contacted her about a concern I had with how our baby was holding his head in the seat, and she immediately made time for us to come and see her for an adjustment. She made changes that neither my husband or I would ever have known to make, and now bub looks happy and comfortable. Every step of the way she explains what she is doing and makes sure you know what to do yourself before you leave.

I highly recommend that all parents have their car seats installed professionally, and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that they use Child Restraint Installations Australia.

Thanks so much, Kelly!

Elysha Croft

Such great service and accommodating to help. Couldn’t ask for better. Thank you ❤️

Rebecca Evans

Yesterday l had Kelly out to correctly fit my baby with a Rhino hip brace on into our seat, I’m forever grateful for the help in correcting not only her position in the seat so not to further damage her hips but also to fix up the incorrectly fitted seat that was done by the shop l bought seat from! And Kelly also showed me how to use it properly as l wasn’t shown this also at purchase and due to this my 6wk old seat already has signs of wear and tear on all straps. Would hate to think how bad it would have been in another 6mths.

Highly recommend Kelly and her team, lovely friendly and extremely helpfully. I’m now 100% confident in my bubs safety.

Thank you xxxx

Rebecca Evans

Cherie Ward

Child Restraint Installations are knowledgeable and professional. They recognised my 7yo’s booster was no longer a safe fit for her as she had out grown it, outgrown, and offered us a safer option. Thank you and we highly recommend you go see them for their service.

Cherie Ward


Kelly went out of her way to be extremely helpful. We moved over from NZ and she helped me figure out what seats to buy here, and helped me install them. So lovely and knowledgeable. Highly recommend

Terry-Lynn Wood

Prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, professional. Highly recommend Kelly to anyone needing help to install correctly.

Michelle Barnes

Kelly & Michelle came to my house to fit the capsule in my car which we had tried to fit ourselves but had not fitted the base correctly. I had been very anxious about driving with my baby in the car as his head slumped forward in the capsule and I thought he was supposed to be in a lying down position. Kelly showed me how to adjust the base to suit my car which has angled seats and now my baby can travel safely. You have taken the anxiety out of car travel for me. Thank you Kelly and Michelle. I would recommend having your car seat or capsule professionally fitted by Kelly. Thank you.

Nevetia Stock

Kelly came out to fix car seats in two of my cars yesterday. She was highly knowledge, showing me things I was not even aware of about the safety and fitting of the car seats! She went above and beyond. I would highly recommend her services

Krissy underwood

I had kelly come out this morning to install my daughters booster seat and a capsule as I’m expecting my second baby in a few weeks she was full of knowledge and recommendations
Highly recommended kelly or her team to install your car seats

Kelisha Rimsa

Kelly contacted me herself after I asked questions about my fit. She made is her own mission to come out and see me, free of charge, and fixed so many problems including incorrect anchor points, she left me with 3 parts that I was unable to pay for and gave them to me.. I would HIGHLY reccommened Kelly and her fitting crew for any and all of your restraint needs! I cannot believe how incorrect my seats were fitted

Chezz Mentesana

Amazing informative and spent the time to explain all answers to my questions highly recommended

Novak Roche

I rang up child restraints as I was concerned about how my sons car seat was sitting, the lovely lady was very helpful & another lady was close to my location so stopped by within the hour, Michelle was able to re-install the seat correctly & I was so relieved, she also showed me what I needed to know. Very grateful & happy my son is now traveling safely 

Lucielle Croisille

I will recommend all services that they propose! Kelly has been so kind and so helpful! She came all the way to my house to check my car seat. Just had my baby 2 weeks ago and couldn’t go anywhere. Was so kind of her to offer to come for a visit. Her advices were awesome and she took her time to show me and explain things to me.
Wasn’t expecting that kind of service , I was soo happily surprised. wouldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much again for your help and kindness !

Tony Ives

Kelly is amazing, I didn’t think the great level of service that she gave me still existed these days in WA.

She went on and above to make sure I had what I needed and know how to use it.

Don’t take a chance with the most important thing in your life, CALL KELLY

Ania Burchell

Amazing customer service! Kelly is very knowledgeable and she provided me with great advice of how to use the chair- seems so easy now! Would definitely recommended her 😃

Michael Crook

If your wondering if you need to worry with having sombody install your baby car seat the answer is yes! So many little things I had no idea about and the boundless experience and tips that I learnt were priceless.

Kelly took the time to meet up with us at a time and day that suited us which was perfect given I work full time and I need my car with me with me so my partner can’t go through the day!

I needed a few small things to get the installation complete and Kelly had no issue helping me out which is wonderful. Now my seat is installed perfectly!

If you asking yourself if the cost is worth it because you can just do it yourself, then jus think of this as a training session in which your taught how to do it properly, at which time the price is really cheap.

Thanks from the crooks!

Kim Wren

I have been thouroughly impressed with the professional and accurate service I have recieved from the whole team at CRIA. I have used CRIA on several occasions from hire of fantastic up to date clean seats to having my own seats cleaned

Kate Nevermann

Kelly and her team offer a fantastic service that I highly reccomend. When our daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and no longer fitted into her current car seat, Kelly fitted us in quickly to arrange a hire carseat for us. She saw us multiple times throughout our journey to make sure my daughter was as comfortable as possible in her carseat while braced. Thank you Kelly and team.

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