Why choose to extend rear face?

Extended rear-facing children

Where will my child place their legs?

Children will place their legs into many different positions comfortably & very commonly the frog position.

Extended rear facing is about protecting your child’s head, neck & spine through the extreme forces of a vehicle collision.
Did you know that evidenced-based scientific studies have proven that rearward facing is the safest way for children
under the age of 4 years to travel?

Rear-facing your child’s car seat is 500% safer than a forward facing car seat.

Legs can be easily fixed bu spinal damage can have catastrophic consequences for the child and family.

This is nearly 2-year-old Lucas rear facing in an Infasecure Luxi Caprice (superseded seat), a convertible booster suitable for children from birth to approx. 8 years of age. The Luxi is not an ERF seat but as you can see still offered Lucus plenty of rear facing time.

Lucas was the perfect model and naturally positioned his legs into comfortable positions while rear facing.
Heaven knows I love nothing better than putting my legs up.

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