BOOSTER SEATS: Suitable from 4 – 8 years of age (Approx.)

Britax Kid Guard Pro

Maxi-Cosi Rodi

Mothers Choice Zeal

Infasecure Aspire

Infasecure Folding Booster

Booster seats are designed to be used with vehicle lap sash (3 point) seat belts.

The point of a booster seat is to allow for optimal positioning of the seat belt across your child’s shoulders, torso and hips. Booster seats elevate the child up off the vehicle seat to allow for correct seat belt fitment. 

One issue often had by parents is deciding whether their child should be seated into a booster seat.  Some 4 year old children may not meet the required (‘entry marker’) torso height to be correctly fitted into a booster seat. 

We highly recommend that parents try their child into as many boosters as possible so as to make sure the child has correct fitment of the seat belt over the child. 

If your child still fits their harnessed seat we recommend continued use until the child has completely outgrown. 

Did Your know?

  • Booster seats must not be used with lap only seat belts.
  • Lap portion of the seat belt must sit firmly across the child thighs & the sash must sit diagonally across the child’s chest and on the shoulder
  • IF you use an additional child harness with the booster seat. The lap belt must be fitted firmly first and then the harness so that the lapbelt cannot be lifted off the child’s lap when the harness is adjusted.
  • ALWAYS secure the top tether on all seats with a top tether attached
  • Always attach the anchorage hook to the correct anchor point, remove slack for the top tether and tuck loose/excess tether away
  • ONLY use additional harness on APPROVED booster seats.


How do you know if your child is ready to move into a booster seat?

1. Age: The minimum age to use a booster seat is 4 years of age

2. Torso Height: Since 2011 all Australia car seats now have height markers. On booster seat, the lowest height marker will specify the child’s shoulders MUST be level to be eligible to use the booster.

3. Maturity of the child: Children mature at different rates. If your child is able to follow instruction and sit sensibly in the booster without placing the sash part behind their back or under their arm, they do not lean forward excessively, then maybe they are ready.

Mandatory Standard on page 112 states:  ‘A SASH BELT UNDER THE ARM OR BEHIND THE BACK IS DANGEROUS‘ this must be marked on the seat covers in bold writing.

4. Seat belt positioning: The seat belt must sit flush across their torso and hips with the sash guide in use. For children that do not have the seat belt sitting flush we recommend the use of a convertible booster or fully harnessed booster.

5. Front Seat use is not recommended. Children should always sit in the back seat.