Booster seats allow for optimal seat belt placement across your child’s TORSO and PELVIS when USED & INSTALLED CORRECTLY.
Before moving your child out of their booster seat I want your child to have OPTIMAL seat belt placement when sitting in the vehicle seats.
Generally, children under 11-13 years of age do not meet the requirements for seat belt use without a booster seat.
Yes, the laws state your 7-year-old can use the vehicle seat and seat belt but do they meet the vehicles required size for seat belt use? This is what you need to evaluate, research and do whats best for your child. 
Booster Seats that allows for older and longer torso children.
BRITAX Kid Guard $299   (BRITAX Encore – superseded)
•MAXI-COSI Rodi $249
•INFASECURE Aspire $259.99
(Currently has the highest exit markers of all booster seat)
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